Our mission is to turn ambitions into action and results – fast.

The ForeSight Group serves commercial clients, public agencies and philanthropists to speed up and leverage the achievement of major ambitions relevant to our times. We apply our pioneering entrepreneurial approach that has proven its value globally since our start in 1979.
We have over the past 30 years worked with some 150 companies and through our approach offered more than 3.5 million people the opportunity to contribute to corporate innovation and renewal.
Today, we are a group of experienced practitioners who take on a handful of assignments per year, and engage only in initiatives that have the potential for long term significant impact. We work best with people who understand that human society is changing faster than ever before and that we face new global realities in a resource-constrained world.

Foresight strike Team

The ForeSight Group Strike Team is an assembly of senior practitioners with a powerful combination of skills and experiences. The Strike Team members blend heart and mind and only do business with nice people.

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Foresight CEO

President Bill Clinton and Judith Rodin, President of the Rockefeller Foundation, called on Björn Larsson, the ForeSight Group CEO, at the plenary closing of a Clinton Global Initiative AGM in New York.
This to recognize Passionate Investments, an initiative by the ForeSight Group, launched in partnership with Swedbank,
the oldest bank in Scandinavia,
now being further developed and expanded.
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Foresight founders

Sven Atterhed, Lennart Boksjö and Gustaf Delin founded the ForeSight Group in 1979 and pioneered the field of internal entrepreneurship (intrapreneurship) by licensing its approach to consulting firms in 13 countries. The founders have also always offered access to what is yet to be recognized by others, via high level seminars with renowned thought-leaders.

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