Peter Majanen

Peter Majanen has thrived for some 20 odd years advising companies on emerging megatrends and how they will define our future. One of his specialities is to see what others are yet to understand which can change the game entirely. Peter offers unique big data methods and systems which today are being used by several large international organisations.

Peter is the founder of Quattroporte, a leading strategy company that works with trend
research, concept development and strategic communication.
The basic idea is to use big data
and interdisciplinary thinking to identify strategic opportunities. Today Peter and his team work with:
• developing “the cities of the future” making cities more attractive, innovative and inclusive.
He also acts as
• an advisor on creating the retail concepts of the future for leading European players.

Peter has further
• developed strategies for the health care and health care communication.

For almost a decade he has worked to
• educate the most talented youth of India to find ways to solve the challenges facing the country.

Previously Peter has served as 
Director at Kreab Gavin Andersson
Head of Development at Demoskop
Head of Marketing for an Internet retailer
Head of Developmentvat Rikta kommunikation
Head of Analysis Gallup

Peter loves music and was also trained as a solo vocalist at Malmö Academy of Music.
He has played the lead in Lloyd Webber musicals and recently recorded an album with the legendary Gino Vannelli. He also likes weight training and was the Swedish junior shot-put champion. Keenly interested in architecture and design, Peter visits the Milan Expo and the Venice Biennale each year.