The ForeSight Entrepreneurial Approach

- built the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative, today it is a coalition of businesses and businesses schools on all continents actively developing a new generation of globally responsible business leaders.

The concept of globally responsible leadership is now embedded in the global discourse – a direct consequence of the creation and work of the GRLI since its inception year 2001. The timely message has spread virally to an extent that the idea of such a leadership being the aspirational “new normal” has become culturally ingrained in the international lexicon.

The ForeSight Group led the original GRLI start up design team and contributed its founding chair, board members and first CEO.

The story in brief: 
In September 2004 – after a full year of practicing the ForeSight entrepreneurial Approach of “First who, then what”; i.e. starting with selecting pioneering businesses and business schools motivated to be represented by their action oriented leaders – a group of 35 individuals from 21 companies and business schools from around the world met in a country hotel outside Brussels.

This was the first gathering of a one-year process seeking answers to the question: “How do we develop a new generation of globally responsible business leaders?”

One year later the GRLI issued a report on globally responsible leadership and invited others to join them in their work. The Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative was born.

Today, the GRLI is both a formal partnership of 50 plus organisations (11 companies, 36 learning institutions and 3 global organisations) and a less formal global community comprising a number of organisations involved informally in communities of responsible action.

Within this GRLI have important strategic partnerships with EFMD and AACSB International as well as the UN Global Compact. GRLI also has a total of 30 plus alumni organisations that have been involved in the GRLI at one time or another since its inception.