Through out its history, The ForeSight Group has established close contacts with many thought-leaders through high-level seminars, sometimes on our own, sometimes together with prominent organizations, like the Economist, and often at an early stage well before the thought-leaders gained recognition.

Through informal visits and contacts with thought-leaders of caliber, The ForeSight Group often learns about new trends and concepts before they become widely known.

Good to Great
In 1992 The ForeSight Group came into contact with Jim Collins, who had just launched Built to Last, his joint study together with Jerry Porras on long term successful companies. Jim Collins has a background in entrepreneurial studies and earlier wrote Beyond Entrepreneurship.

In 2000 Collins was well into his study on Good to Great and The ForeSight Group was invited to Boulder, Colorado, to test his findings together with a group of The ForeSight Group clients from Australia, Europe and the US. Good to Great proved to be a landmark study and the book launched in 2001 became an instant worldwide success, today close to 10 million copies sold. The Good to Great thesis fits well with The ForeSight Approach.