Track record

The ForeSight Group has worked with some 150 companies over the past 30 years and through its approach offered more than 3.5 million employees opportunities to contribute to corporate innovation and renewal. Several thousand internal front runners have responded favorably and supported their leadership to speed up and leverage major initiatives.

The ForeSight Group, founded 1979 in Washington D.C., has pioneered the field of internal entrepreneurship (intrapreneurship) and has licensed its approach to consulting firms in 13 countries.

• The Karolinska Institute (Sweden)
• The Swedish Millennium Commission

Not for Profit Sector
• The European Foundation for Management Development and the UN Global Compact global long term initiative to renew business schools; The Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative
• The World´s Children´s Prize, the world´s largest empowerment initiative on rights and democracy for
the next generation
• Global Challenge, independent think tank, Sweden

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