Göran Carstedt

Göran Carstedt Ph.D, has a background in entrepreneurial family business, academia and 16 + 7 years in leading positions in two global corporations, Volvo and IKEA.

Göran is committed to help accelerate transformational change towards a sustainable future and he had the courage to leave the high executive corporate life in the late 1990s to travel new roads taking leading NGO roles in The Society for Organizational Learning and The Natural Step.

Göran was 2007-08 senior director of the Clinton Climate Initiative. He is engaged in several initiatives where entrepreneurial business ventures can be combined with community based social innovation. He has passionately practiced and preached a servant leadership philosophy convinced that great organisations are organized around a meaningful purpose and a learningful culture, worthy people’s full commitment.

When the mechanical world thrilled him in his young years, as a rally driver and a pilot, his passion is now more towards discovering wonders of nature and the biological world, preferably together with his grandchildren. Back in Sweden after having lived in France and USA with Ulla, his lifetime partner, and two children, family continues to be at the centre of his life.