What people are saying about the Rise of The Meaningful Economy


“Already a reality for some, the Meaningful Economy is a compelling prospect for all of us.”

Geoff Tudhope, Partner, Fortune 500 CEO Advisors, Merryck & Co

“The Rise of the Meaningful Economy report is transformational. It showcases what is about to become the new normal. Those who understand that meaning is a new currency, will have first mover advantage and can authentically build deep trust attracting the best customers, employees and investors for the long term.”

Misa Lukic, Regional CEO, Publicis One

The Rise of the Meaningful Economy is bulls eye in putting words to what I personally experienced working with our global leaders from all continents and sectors (corporate, political, civil society and philanthropists). They came together, year after year, because of shared values in the emerging Meaningful Economy. The Rise of the Meaningful Economy offers powerful insights for corporations to find new ways to create value. It also provides new perspectives for the wealthy and the influential on how to use their resources for the benefit of everyone.

Marilia Bezarra, Former Commitments Director, Clinton Global Initiative

“The Rise of the Meaningful Economy will wake you up to the new business paradigm that is rapidly emerging. It will make you think in ways you had not thought before about the market and our roles in it as consumers, entrepreneurs and investors. Ways that will be important, not only for the survival of any business, but also for the survival of our society and of our planet.”

Tomas Björkman, Founder Ekskäret Foundation, Former Chairman EFG Investment Bank & Author;
The Market Myth

“The Rise of the Meaningful Economy is a provocative thought-leadership report that foretells the future that is nearly upon us.  In a coherent way, the report ties together what I feel intuitively is happening in the world right now. It offers a sound platform of ideas and analysis about bringing meaning to economic life, followed up with tangible examples of trends, behaviours and organizations we can readily understand.  This writing invites us into deeper reflection, further debates, iterative thinking, and experimentation.“

Richard Woo, CEO, The Russel Family Foundation

“The Rise of the Meaningful Economy elegantly articulates what many of us have felt and begun to see – an economy integrating economic and spiritual value and tying together investors, employers, workers and customers in deep and powerful ways. Kudos to The Foresight Group, for identifying meaning as a new currency.”

Will Fitzpatrick, Former General Counsel the Omidyar Network, Advisor to high net worth individuals

”The Rise of the Meaningful Economy is your guide to navigating the shift toward relationships over transactions which will dramatically transform our economy. As companies embrace meaning as a core value, engagement will rise, positive impact will grow and customers will amplify your message for you. Meaning is the new money and this book has arrived at the perfect time.”

Vicki Saunders, Founder of SheEO, the world leading movement for women entrepreneurs and investors

“Man’s greatest folly is that we ARE our minds and are separate and above the rest; add a healthy dose of money to this delusion and you get a toxic potion. The Rise of the Meaningful Economy brings light and hope to our world by showing us how we can create a new elixir by adding the power of conscious money.“

Lawrence Ford, Founder and CEO, Conscious Capital Wealth Management

“The Rise of the Meaningful Economy identifies with the beginning of the shift we are starting to see in humanity – cutting across generational boundaries and societal beliefs. The value not only comes from the wealth we create, but also from how we invest our time, our resources, our buying power, the people we surround ourselves with and how we plan our futures; all a set of currencies that are based around higher level of consciousness.”

Sergio Fernandez de Cordova, Chairman, PVBLIC Foundation

“The Rise of the Meaningful Economy provides a new lens to look at our emerging future. One which supports the idea that consumers, employees and investors increasingly are putting a premium on companies which are seeking to be relevant to our times.”

Tabreez Verjee, Co-founder, Uprising

“The Rise of the Meaningful Economy timely cuts through swathes of complexity and academic evasions to disclose a concise update on the world economy and important emergent trends. These are pressing times and a necessary revolution is unfolding in business and beyond.”

Giles Hutchins, Speaker & Adviser, Author of Future Fit