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The Rise of the
Meaningful Economy

More people than ever before are seeking to live meaningful lives and expressing that in their economic decision-making. It is no longer just a small privileged elite which can afford to do so.

The “global GDP” has tripled since the 1980s. Productivity has increased. We can buy much more for the three times more money we now have.

We live in an era of abundance.

Today millions more, relative to in the past, are looking for meaning and expressing that in their economic decision making; both those who are well off and the majority of the millennial generation – the largest generation in history, which is now entering their prime spending years, according to Goldman Sachs.

- We are changing what we buy and from whom, how and where we work, what we do with our capital and how we design and run our organisations.

The Meaningful Economy is an emerging megatrend and a new lens through which companies and entrepreneurs can look to create value.

In short, meaning is an economic force, a new currency.

The Meaningful Economy is a story for our times

For individuals, it heralds the emergence of an economic system which supports ever more people living meaningful lives through their economic choices.

For businesses, large and small, and for entrepreneurs in start-ups, it is a new lens through which to look for value creation. And equally the absence of meaning is a threat to successful businesses today.

For societies at large, the rise of the Meaningful Economy offers the potential for human progress and the accelerated achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

This is a story for our times. Our work shows that we are reaching a tipping point towards a new narrative where people are using their economic power to create a more positive future.

Finally, a framework for our economic future that we all can embrace. A must read for everyone in business and politics.


Chairman & Founder, The Barrett Values Centre. Former Values Co-ordinator, World Bank.



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