Our Track Record

The ForeSight Group has worked with some 180 companies over the past 40 years and through its approach offered more than 3.5 million employees opportunities to contribute to corporate innovation and renewal. Several thousand internal front runners have responded favourably and supported their leadership to speed up and leverage major new initiatives.

The ForeSight Group, founded 1979, has pioneered the field of internal entrepreneurship (intrapreneurship) and has in previous years licensed its approach to consulting firms in 13 countries.

Clients include:

  • The Body Shop International (UK & Sweden)

  • BHP (Australia)

  • CNN International

  • Dell (Nordic Region)

  • Ernst & Young (USA)

  • Glaxo SmithKline (Europe, Russia & the Middle East)

  • Hilton Intl (Singapore)

  • IBM (Belgium & France)

  • Messerschmit, Bulkow & Bluhm (Germany)

  • Montedison (Italy)

  • Omark (USA)

  • Owens Corning Fiberglas (USA)

  • Philips (Europe)

  • Scott Paper (USA)

  • South-Western Bell (USA)

  • Uniliver (Holland)

  • United Technologies (USA)

  • Barloworld (South Africa)

  • ABB (Sweden)

  • IKEA (Sweden)

  • Länsförsäkringar (Sweden)

  • McKinsey (Sweden)

  • PostNord (Sweden and Denmark)

  • Previa (Sweden)

  • Proffice (Sweden)

  • SEB (Sweden)

  • Statoil (Sweden)

  • SKF (Sweden)

  • Swedbank (Sweden)

  • Tetra Laval (Sweden)

  • Volvo (Sweden)

  • The Wallenberg Institute (Sweden)

  • Quesada Wealth Managers (Sweden)


  • The Karolinska Institute (Sweden)

  • The PVBLIC Foundation (US)

  • The Swedish Millennium Commission

Not for Profit Sector

  • The European Foundation for Management Development and the UN Global Compact global long-term initiative to renew business schools; The Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative

  • The World´s Children´s Prize, the world´s largest empowerment initiative on rights and democracy for the next generation

  • Global Challenge, independent think tank, Sweden

More information on The ForeSight Group thought-leadership relationships, and for the story on how it all started.

The ForeSight Group is not a walking stick and will not do the job for you. We will however partner with you to catalyze change that makes a lasting difference.


Former global Senior Vice President, ICI, UK based 60 000 employees global chemicals company, and former ForeSight Group client, today one of the ForeSight Strike Team members.

Björn, you are an inspiration, and I believe, yes, very Level 5 for the greater good. The world is a much better place with you in it.


Author of Good to Great, Great by Choice and Built to Last, commenting on ForeSights CEO Björn Larsson.