Sergio Fernández de Córdova

Sergio Fernandez de Córdova is an internationally recognized entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist. He thrives connecting global leaders, especially at the intersection of media,
the digital environment & policy with the aim of amplifying awareness and taking effective action on major issues impacting our common future.

He is the founder and acting chairman pf PVBLIC – and aggregator of media across all platforms for social impact. He led PVBLIC´s engagement with the White House and President Obama. At the United Nations he leads the General Assembly´s Digital Media Zone and hosts the Media For Social Impact Summit in partnership with UNDP. The Summit convenes C-Suite media executives who inspire each other to bring the power of their organisations 
to change the world, one campaign at a time.

Sergio is further the co-founder and visionary behind P3 Global Management (P3GM) through which
he works on the challenges of creating smart infrastructure. He is recognized by local, regional and national governments as a thought leader in this arena, especially with regard to global development and policy
in creating effective Public Private Partnerships (PPP) which serve the public interest.

Through his many ventures, Sergio has pursued his passion of connecting the next generation philanthropists, social impact entrepreneurs, political and thought leaders together.
With a personal network spanning some 80 plus countries he enjoys keeping these networks focused
on creating a better tomorrow, building leadership through connecting with each other.

Sergio has a background of over a quarter of a century career in media & advertising – starting in publishing
and graduating to digital and then finding his way back to bricks and mortar. He is a successful entrepreneur who built a company, Fuel Outdoor, from start-up to one of the top three largest privately owned companies in the billboard industry in the US.

Currently Sergio invested in and/or advises a range of companies whose focus include various elements of civic engaging technologies, media and public private related initiatives.

He was also recently named by Dell: ”one of its # inspired 100 leading global influencers
 in entrepreneurship using technology to empower and inspire others”.

Sergio is a global citizen in the words true meaning. When not travelling the world, relentlessly campaigning to re-framing the conversation on what matters to us as humans, he enjoys quite moments just going with the flow meeting new people or old friends from all walks of life.