Siavash Habibi

Siavash is a generalist with an international background in media, management consulting, non-profits – and a strong interest in what makes businesses relevant, today and in the future. His more specific skills are making a business case for sustainable growth and innovation, that matches the corporate DNA, and using storytelling to inspire internal and external stakeholders.

Siavash has had various engagements with the Clinton Global Initiative, primarily in helping match members from different sectors with key initiatives for solving global challenges. 

He has also been part of the initial team building up Manoto, the independent London based Iranian TV station, where he produced its six days per week news show reaching 40 million viewers around the world. 

He was also the Europe Consultant for, a non-profit co-founded by Gary White and Matt Damon, aiming to tackle the pressing global water and sanitation challenge. 

As a management-consultant with ForeSight and Centigo, Siavash has helped set sustainable 

business strategies for major Swedish brands.

Siavash is currently Head of Strategy and Innovation at TechBuddy. 

He is passionate about music and movies, and finds his greatest enjoyment, however, in having good conversations.