Janera Soerel

Janera Soerel, is a former investment banker who ives a portfolio-life as an independent program director; marketer, fundraiser, producer, and event host. Mainly with Better Spaces, Second House, Departure Agency and Stribing & Associates. She previously also served as the Program Director at the Urban Zen Foundation, created by fashion icon and philanthropist, Donna Karan.

Janera curates conversations highlighting the human side of globalization. She has hosted speakers such as Jeffrey Sachs, Matthew Bishop, Peter Buffett, Parag Khanna. To offer a full experience that deeply resonates with her guests, Janera enhances the intellectual content with poetry, dance, art, or music. 

 An economist by training, Janera has worked in investment banking in Amsterdam and Milan. She also holds an MBA and a Masters in International Affairs from Columbia University. She thrives when developing and managing relationships as well as conceptualizing and executing ideas. 

Through her experiences, she has built a network across borders, cultures, and industries.

Currently residing in New York City, Janera was born and raised on Curaçao by Surinamese parents. She is fluent in English, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, and Papiamento (the local language from Curaçao). 

She spends her weekends outdoors surfing, hiking, or skiing. When in the city she enjoys throwing dinner parties, yoga, live music, and movies