For more than 40 years The ForeSight Group has increased its client´s capacity to speed up and leverage major new ambitions.

We do this through our proven approach where strategic issues are identified and entrepreneurial principles applied step by step.

Every engagement in support of our clients is tailor-made and is delivered by one or several ForeSight Strike Team members:

  • One-on-One Senior Executive Advisory

  • Keynotes and High-Level Workshops

  • Specific Tailored Catalytic Interventions

  • Long-term Partnerships

Advantages with the ForeSight approach according to Harvard Business Review

  1. Dramatic time saving to develop something new

  2. Quick assessment of people and opportunities

  3. High potential - low risk

  4. Development of a group trained intrapreneurs within the organizations

  5. Focusing leaders and employees on an urgent strategic challenge

  6. Cross fertilization within the organization