Nick Ellerby

Nick Ellerby is a leading-edge practitioner. He is a pioneer of whole person learning and fosters authentic collaboration and the raising of individual and organisational consciousness. He mentors change agents, facilitators and leaders who are committed to bringing more of themselves to do their best work.

Nick is a Director of the Oasis School of Human Relations, a radical learning organisation, established in 1989, developing 21st Century Relationships for meaningful, sustainable and responsible action. Most recently their work in developing Whole Person approaches to evaluation has been the focus of a number of international presentations, and applied contracts in Europe, Africa and Asia. Oasis is the research base for ‘Developing the workplace of tomorrow if people and planet really matter.’

He is a consultant and experienced facilitator to individuals, teams, organisations and companiesthat seek to develop more collaborative and connected ways of working, and helps shape deep cultural change that nurtures and challenges more of the whole person to engage in an increasingly uncertain and unpredictable world. 

His background is in behavioural sciences, dialogue approaches, distributed leadership and whole organisational development. He brings experience of director and consultant roles within business, third and public sectors as well as trustee and chair roles of UK and global networks.

Nick, with his experience in Human Relations and culture shift initiatives within organisations, also serves as a senior advisor to:

  • the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative organising 120 institutions and major corporations world-wide, and their Global Deans and Directors Innovation Cohort

  • Bettys and Taylors Group (contributing to their award of Board of the Year), and

  • Engage Digital (Leeds)

He is also a member of

  • the Advisory Board of Institute of Family Business (UK),

  • the Custodian Group of the Windsor Leadership Dialogue, and

  • the Advisory Board of Kin&Co (London) and,

  • a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Manufacturing and Science.

Nick travels, listens, reads and writes, and along with his partner Marion, enjoys an enriching and engaging blend of life and work to nurture the human spirit to thrive.