Sven Atterhed – Founder

Sven Atterhed, Chairman and co-founder of The Foresight Group, has worked with more than 100 large multinational companies on innovation and change as well as with many of the icons in management from Peter Drucker and Tom Peters to Gary Hamel and Jim Collins. He nowadays acts as coach and mentor to CEOs and top teams.

What makes Sven unique is that he combines deep knowledge of proven insights derived from his interaction with thought leaders with personal, hands-on experience as managing director of international company subsidiaries. Over the years he has pieced together a framework for how companies move from average to outstanding. This forms the basis for helping CEOs and top teams to understand what the great companies do and then consistently applying these insights to reach great results.

Svens interests include aviation and high performance cars.

Sven sees the value of something new long before others, his vision is a light, shining on what others have yet to recognize.


Author of Good to Great, on Sven Atterhed, chairman and co-founder of The ForeSight Group.