Gustaf Delin – Founder

Gustaf Delin, co-founder of The ForeSight Group, is highly valued as a speaking partner, an active and passionate listener and facilitator, a source of wisdom.

Gustaf established The ForeSight Institute, Washington D.C., and a partnership between The ForeSight Group and Arthur Young Consulting. He further co-created The ForeSight Intrapreneurship Handbook for global use.

Gustaf has worked with clients in the US and Europe: South Western Bell, Scott Paper, Omark and Unilever (Holland and Austria). He introduced and established Intrapreneurship in Russian and Israeli branches of SmithKline-Beacham in cooperation with SB HQ in London. He has also acted as advisor and facilitator to Skandia (Global).

Gustaf spends much of his time as an advocate for development based on scientific facts; thermodynamics and the laws of nature, when he is not looking after his grandchildren.