by björn larsson & mark drewell

More people than ever before are seeking to live meaningful lives and expressing that in their economic decision-making.

We are changing what we buy and from whom, how and where we work, what we do with our capital and how we design and run our organisations.

The Meaningful Economy is an emerging megatrend and a new lens through which companies and entrepreneurs can look to create value. In short, meaning is a new currency.

Finally, a framework for our economic future that we can all embrace. A must read for everyone in business and politics
— RICHARD BARRET, Chairman & Founder, The Barret Values Centre. Former Values Co-ordinator, World Bank

The Rise of the Meaningful Economy is bulls eye in putting words to what I personally experienced working with our global leaders from all continents and sectors
— Marilia Bezarra, Former Commitments Director, Clinton Global Initiative

It showcases what is about to become the new normal. Those who understand that meaning is a new currency, will have first mover advantage and can authentically build deep trust attracting the best customers, employees and investors for the long term.
— Misa Lukic, Regional CEO, Publicis One